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Verifix® Angle Pump Suction Holder

Product number: BO638.9


Easy positioning of glass panes in the shortest possible time. Over many years, the angle pump suction holder has proven itself in showcase construction. Due to the easy handling, smaller glass objects can be assembled in no time. Perfect when using low-viscosity adhesives.

Due to the stable design, small panes can be positioned with only one angle pump suction holder. For larger panes, it is recommended to use a suction holder every 50 cm. If the panes are higher, you can use clamps to stabilise and adjust the glass angle at the upper end.

Fixing aids are not suitable for carrying glass.

Application note:
Always store the suction holder so that the sealing rings are not damaged. Loss of vacuum is indicated by a red signal ring.

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Your Advantages

  • Suitable for glass-glass edge bonding
  • Suitable for low viscosity adhesives
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Sturdy design

Technical details

Silver colour
Edge geometry
GS certified
Leg length
72 mm
Leg width
100 mm
Package contents
2 Pieces
Type of vacuum generation
Vacuum safety indicator

Scope of supply

2 Pieces
Angle pump suction holder
1 Piece
Transport case


BO638.0 - Verifix® Pump-activated Angle Suction Holder - Instruction Manual
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