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Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter

Made by Bohle
The new Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter puts an end to tedious manual operation. This is because suction is now done at the touch of a button - and pumping is even completely automatic. But that's not all: Upgrade your pump suction lifter, the tried-and-tested carrying aids with manual pump can be easily retrofitted. This is because you can swap between an electric and manual pump in a matter of seconds.

Suction? All you need is a button

The electronic battery-powered pump brings more convenience to your everyday work - and takes safety to a new level: at the touch of a button, the Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter sucks itself up in just a few seconds and pumps automatically during your work if the vacuum should decrease.

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+ 5 Variations
Veribor® battery suction lifter, plastic
  • Load capacity: 120 kg
  • Material: Plastic (ABS)
  • Model: Battery-powered
  • Surface geometry: Flat
+ 5 Variations
Veribor® battery suction lifter, aluminium
  • Load capacity: 120 kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Model: Battery-powered
  • Surface geometry: Flat

5 good reasons

120 kg load capacity

Quick vacuum build-up at the touch of a button

Increased safety thanks to automatic pumping

LED display for vacuum and charge status

2-fold safety mechanism when switching off

Break new ground - and always play it safe.

One of the elementary components of the Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter: maximum safety. This is because its smart vacuum system registers when the vacuum between the glass pane and the suction lifter decreases and automatically re-applies suction immediately. This means that the user can rely on a firm hold at all times and has everything safely under control - in the truest sense of the word.

The battery pump makes it easy.

There is something else that distinguishes the Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter from conventional suction lifters with a battery-powered pump: The battery-powered pump continues to suck automatically even when the vacuum lifter is released from the window pane or panel. In other words, simply hold the smart suction lifter to the next object and the battery-powered pump automatically creates the required vacuum again. Thanks to this sophisticated function, the system noticeably speeds up work processes. For example, when several objects need to be transported quickly from A to B.

The nuts and bolts from A to Z

The Veribor® suction lifter with battery-powered pump is the first choice when it comes to lifting, holding and carrying larger components. With a load capacity of up to 120 kg, it is ideal for a wide variety of objects:

  • Flat surfaces
  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Sheet metal
  • Coated wooden panels
  • Plastic sheets

Retrofit your suction lifter

Simply retrofit your manual pump suction lifter with the Veribor® battery-powered pump and automatically make your work safer. Available separately, the battery-powered pump is compatible with the BO601 and BO601G suction lifters and is quick to use.

Step 1

Pull out the manual pump plunger

Step 2

Insert the battery pump into the suction lifter

Step 3

A "click" confirms that the battery pump is firmly seated


No matter what challenge you are facing, the suction lifter doesn't just keep up - it also lasts a long time. The system enables around 600 pumping units with just one battery charge and demonstrates maximum endurance in everyday work. But here too, trust is good, control is better. A signal lamp on the handle of the suction lifter therefore informs the user about the battery status of the electric pump. But even if the battery runs out, the suction lifter is still ready for use. How does that work? Thanks to the plunger supplied! Simply switch to hand pump mode and continue working without any significant loss of time. After 3 hours of charging, the battery is recharged and ready for use. In short: whether with or without a battery - the Veribor® battery-powered suction lifter is always there for you.

Sustainable power

With its sophisticated system, the Veribor® not only helps the user - but also the environment. In contrast to conventional devices with standard batteries, the smart suction lifter from Bohle works with a rechargeable battery. And should the suction lifter ever become obsolete, you can simply continue to use the battery-powered pump as an adaptive accessory - and it's easy to do so for any Veribor® BO 601 or BO 601G pump suction lifter.

FAQs on cordless suction lifters

A battery-powered suction lifter is a tool or handling device that uses vacuum technology to lift heavy or awkward objects such as glass, metal or plastic plates. It is powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery, which reduces manual effort.

Compared to manual pump suction lifters, battery-powered vacuum suction lifters are equipped with an electric pump. At the touch of a button, they generate a vacuum that sucks the electric suction lifter firmly onto a surface. Air is extracted between the rubber disc of the suction cup and the surface. This creates a so-called empty space, which in turn generates a vacuum and ensures a firm connection between the vacuum lifter and the surface.

Battery-powered vacuum suction lifters are ideal for lifting and transporting smooth, non-porous materials such as glass, metal plates, coated wooden panels and plastics. They are frequently used in the construction industry, trade and manufacturing.

Modern battery-powered suction lifters are equipped with safety functions that ensure safe lifting. These include automatic re-pumping systems that keep the vacuum constant and warning displays that inform the user about the vacuum and battery status.

The battery life varies depending on the model and manufacturer. However, many cordless suction lifters can perform several hundred lifting operations on a single charge, which should usually be sufficient for several days of work.

Bohle AG is the only manufacturer to offer an electric battery-powered pump for retrofitting Veribor® brand manual suction lifters. Upgrading to the more convenient and efficient rechargeable battery technology takes just a few simple steps.

Regular cleaning of the suction discs and the pump, checking that the rubber disc is in perfect condition and checking the battery are essential parts of caring for an electric vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to store vacuum cleaners with rechargeable batteries in a case to ensure that their functionality is not impaired in the long term.

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