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LiftMaster B1 Lifting System

Recently we have seen an increase in demand for large glazed windows and a growing proportion of triple-glazed thermal insulation glass. Anyone who works in the glass industry as a fabricator or installer knows the challenges this poses every day: The individual glass elements have now reached such a high dead weight that they can hardly be transported manually across the construction site or through company premises.
We at Bohle wanted a solution for this: innovative, manoeuvrable, compact and easy to operate. The result: the Liftmaster B1. Handling and assembly aid with 180 kg load capacity, operable by one person and with rotatable and tiltable mast.

Lots of power. Extremely manoeuvrable.

Our Liftmaster B1 is particularly powerful: transporting glass panes, window elements or even metal and stone slabs weighing up to 180 kg is no problem for it. At the same time, we have designed it to be very manoeuvrable with a compact body. With a width of only 0.8 metres, the Liftmaster B1 fits through any standard door, even when loaded. The compact design also allows it to be used in narrow passages or confined spaces. The pneumatic tyres ideally compensate for unevenness on rough paths and are suitable for any surface. The wheel axle of the front wheels is adjustable.

One-Man-Show: Tilt. Rotate. Position.

The mast integrated in the Liftmaster's lifting system can be rotated 360° and tilted up to 90°. This allows heavy, clamped elements to be quickly and easily rotated around two axis and positioned as required for installation. Unloading glass panels from the glass rack, loading them into the transport vehicle or placing them on processing machines is also made easy with the Liftmaster B1. The Liftmaster B1 is also popular for inserting laminated glass panes into the profiles of glass railings.

The manoeuvrable transport aid in action. Our expert Richard shows you how to use it.

Your health in view.

  • No more back-breaking carrying: glass weight is completely taken over 
  • Ergonomic Construction: handle individually adjustable 
  • Low dead weight 
  • Stable, tested construction for safe working and transporting 
  • Smooth-running tyres

The bet is on! Richard bets that he can dismantle the Liftmaster B1 in under 90 seconds and stow it in his station wagon.

Safety always considered.

Quality is important, especially in the glazier trade. High work safety is therefore always our top priority. The Liftmaster B1 is a Bohle in-house development made in Germany and has been awarded the GS mark. "GS" stands for tested safety. A seal that is awarded by the TÜV after extensive quality tests. All parts are made of high-quality material and no device leaves our production without quality testing.

Manual lifting unit. Heart of the Liftmaster B1

The heart of our Liftmaster B1 is the integrated manual lifting system. For maximum safety, the unit is equipped with a 2-circuit vacuum system and 4 Veribor® suction lifters that hold the glass elements in position and fix them absolutely securely. The vacuum is generated by hand pumps, so that the Liftmaster B1 works without electricity and can be used anywhere and at any time. Two vacuum reserve tanks, the vacuum indicator and optical vacuum loss indicators provide additional safety.

In action everywhere at lightning speed.

Whether on building sites, in the workshop or indoors: the Liftmaster B1 is an all-rounder and can be used anywhere thanks to its stable construction. It is not only suitable for transporting glass elements of all kinds, but also for heavy panels made of metal or stone. Practical and lightning fast: the Liftmaster B1 can be dismantled and loaded by a single person in 90 seconds. It fits into any estate car and can be taken directly to the next site.

At a glance

  • Compact, manoeuvrable transport aid for loads up to 180 kg. 
  • Ideally suited for internal transport and work on construction sites 
  • Designed to pass through all standard doors 
  • Safe, ergonomic operation and handle adjustment 
  • Low manpower requirement: operation and transport by one person 
  • Pneumatic tyres for all surfaces 
  • Health protection due to elimination of manual load-bearing capacity 
  • All-round positioning of the glass elements for installation 
  • Swivelling, rotating and tilting mast 
  • Accumulator- and current-independent vacuum generation of the lifting system with 4 Veribor® suction lifters 
  • Quickly dismantled for further transport to the next site of operation 
  • Development by Bohle with high quality standards
"The Liftmaster B1 from Bohle is our newest employee. He is now responsible for the heavy work."
Thomas Strobl, Managing Director at Glas Strobl in Donauwörth


Liftmaster B1 in use

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