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Talk is silver. Tackling it is gold.

As the saying goes? Actions count more than words. And that's why we don't just talk about sustainability - we also act accordingly. We consistently pay attention to conserving resources, preventing waste and meeting today's ecological challenges with tomorrow's innovative solutions.

Naturally. The best.

We produce many of our products entirely at our main site in Haan. In doing so, we act in accordance with the strictest environmental standards and not only rely on sustainable processes in our developments, but also on materials of the highest raw material quality. In this way, our customers can rely on a certain promise: At Bohle, they can naturally expect the best.

Sustainable with heart and soul.

Today, almost every company is working to act as sustainably as possible. Many of our products support this. For example, by helping to reduce electricity consumption, use resources more efficiently and lower CO2 emissions. After all, the environment is close to our hearts - and that's exactly why we put our heart and soul into it.

Responsibility all the way.

Whether large or small steps - every single one leaves an ecological footprint. Long-term thinking therefore characterises both our company management and our production. We attach great importance to manufacturing durable products and offer repair services as well as spare parts. In addition, we pay attention to certifications along the entire value chain, and thus assume responsibility across the board - and over time.

The sun gave us a bright idea.

We let the sunshine in - in the truest sense of the word: as part of a large-scale modernisation of our main site in Haan, we installed a high-performance photovoltaic system in autumn 2023, and carried out an extensive energy refurbishment. This will enable us to generate a large proportion of our own electricity from 2024 - ecologically sustainable, as clear as daylight.

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