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How we keep up with the latest developments?

By initiating them ourselves!
Our own developments are our trademark. This has been the case for around 100 years. From the Silberschnitt glass cutter to the Veribor suction lifter to our glass fitting solutions. The patents from our development department shape the industry and have always led it to a very specific level: to the top.

Only better is good enough.

We want to make good things even better. Much better. To achieve this, we put the challenges of the industry in the foreground - and our customers in the centre. How can the complexity of their tasks be reduced? And how can we help you save time, effort and money? But one question is never left out: the question of quality.

Quality has its circle

By "circle" we mean our team of developers. Specialists who set new standards in terms of workmanship and technology. Their recipe for success? Three rules: First: We bring high-quality and durable products to the market. Secondly, we simplify processes through innovative techniques. And thirdly: we know no compromises when it comes to safety.

Strictest quality tests

All our products go through multiple quality controls.

Many products are tested according to DIN standards and have test certificates (e.g. AbP).

Our quality management system has been regularly certified according to ISO 9001 since 1998.

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