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BriteGuard® Pro

Protecting Your Glass Surface in a Matter of Seconds
BriteGuard® Pro is a transparent surface protective coating for all smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces which offers quick and reliable protection against corrosion. In addition, an easy-to-clean surface is created which makes it hard for dirt particles to adhere to it!

Pre-clean, apply, wipe dry, done!

The coating is suited both for interior and exterior applications and lasts for many years. The coating makes the glass surface hydrophobic and therefore permanently easy to clean. Contamination barely sticks to the surface and water rolls off – for this reason, aggressive chemical agents become unnecessary for cleaning. The coating of the glass is done manually. Big investments for auxiliary devices are no longer necessary. Any silicone-free glass cleaner or suitable alcohol based cleaners can be used for pre-cleaning

Permanent surface protection even after 100,000 wipe cycles

Quality inspection using contact angle measurement

Measuring the contact angle serves for quality assurance purposes of a surface protection system: The contact angle (also known as the wetting angle) is the angle formed between a drop of liquid on the surface of a solid material to the surface. The size of the contact angle between the liquid and solid material depends on the interaction between the materials on the contact surface. The smaller this interaction is, the larger the contact angle will be. By identifying the contact angle, certain properties of the surface (e.g. surface energy), can be determined. The larger the contact angle, the more difficult it is to wet the solid material and the less foreign bodies are able to adhere to the surface.

Directly to the shop

+ 2 Variations
BriteGuard® Pro
  • Content: 100 ml
+ 2 Variations
BriteGuard® Pro
  • Content: 5 l
+ 2 Variations
BriteGuard® Pro
  • Content: 500 ml

Application recommendation:

After applying BriteGuard® Pro with a cotton cloth or a practical spray bottle, we recommend polishing the surface with a microfibre cloth. In this way, you really save time compared to ordinary paper towels!
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