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Xtragrip® mirror adhesive

The use of mirror adhesive tape is particularly popular for hanging large mirrors. Play it safe with Xtragrip® from Bohle.

The benefits of mirror adhesives

Xtragrip® mirror adhesive has been specially developed for the secure and effortless attachment of mirrors. Thanks to its strength, it is easy to apply without smearing.
  • For permanent mirror mounting
  • Very easy to process
  • Very good initial adhesion
  • Permanently elastic after curing
  • Stress equalising, i.e. it compensates for tensions between the substrate and the mirror, e.g. during slight movements Suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms
  • Ageing and UV-resistant
  • Very good adhesion to many materials

Low emission: Xtragrip® MS Polymer

Our two adhesives Xtragrip® Silicone and Xtragrip® MS Polymer differ specifically in their composition. Xtragrip® MS Polymer is characterised by:

  • Very low emissions EC1Plus R certified
  • Without silicones or isocyanates
  • Suitable for building projects with sustainability requirements
  • Even suitable for mineral (e.g. concrete) or wooden substrates if a primer is used beforehand

How to attach a mirror with mirror adhesive

The surfaces must be clean, grease-free and dry. Use the Bohle special cleaner, for example.

Apply the adhesive vertically in beads (no dots or areas) using a cartridge gun. Follow the recommended bonding patterns.

Even with good initial adhesion, the mirror must be additionally supported after installation until the final hardening (depending on the bead thickness) is achieved.

Tips for the use of mirror adhesives

  1. Pay attention to the shelf life of the product (usually 12 months).
  2. Carry out a preliminary test to check the adhesive effect of Xtragrip® on the desired surfaces.
  3. The beads must be applied vertically - with a maximum width of 10 mm and length of 200 mm.
  4. Always ensure sufficient air circulation behind the mirror
  5. Use a triangular nozzle for application. The triangular beads ensure better adhesive distribution when pressed onto the wall.
  6. Fix the mirror for a sufficiently long enough time so that the mirror adhesive can cure optimally with little load.

Tried and tested: The combination of mirror adhesive and adhesive tape

Better safe than sorry? Yes and no! In practice, it is not uncommon to use adhesive tape and adhesive in parallel. But you should know that both types are also ideal for hanging mirrors using just one of the products. So why combine them? The answer is simple: the adhesive tape helps to hold the mirror securely in place, especially in the first 24 hours, until the adhesive has reached its final hardening point. Other fixings that hold the mirror in place from the outside during the first few hours, on the other hand, can hinder the air circulation needed.

How does mirror adhesive work?

The curing mechanism of mirror adhesive is based on the chemical process of polymerisation. The adhesive is moisture-curing and begins to harden as soon as the material comes into contact with air. This is followed by a reaction of the molecules, which form chain structures - so-called polymers. These also continue to cross-link with each other and ensure strength. The advantage of this hardening mechanism lies in its strong yet flexible bond, which can withstand light vibrations, for example.

How long does mirror adhesive cure?

The curing of adhesives for hanging mirrors depends on the mirror adhesive used, its composition and the thickness of the beads. The silicone-based Xtragrip® mirror adhesive cures to approx. 1 mm within 24 hours. Xtragrip® MS Polymer, on the other hand, cures 2-3 mm in the same period. For this reason, during the first 24-48 hours additional fixing of the mirror to the wall is essential.

Further mounting options

Mirror plates - Muscles for mirrors

First certified manufacturing process in accordance with DIN 2304: Bohle gives mirrors ultra-strong hold with self-adhesive mirror sheets and defines new standards in terms of load-bearing capacity, safety and durability.

XtraMount® mirror adhesive tape

The use of mirror adhesive tape is particularly popular for hanging large mirrors. Play it safe with Xtramount® from Bohle.

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