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Complete range of fittings

The "Bohle" name stands for glass fittings for every requirement and application. Whether for bathrooms and showers, balustrades, interior fittings or furniture: We offer the right fitting for every application. We focus on outstanding quality and competitive value.


Glass Railing System
Quicker. VetroMount®

Newly developed by Bohle engineers, the VetroMount balustrade system can be mounted in a few simple steps, saving time and costs.

Shower Door Hinge
Innovative. Juna

The new Juna Shower Door Hinge, which not only promises to bring quality and class to the top end of the market, but also offers significant benefits to the installer.

Sliding Door System
Smooth. MasterTrack®

Using sliding glass doors is not only a space-saving design device but they are also ideal as room dividers and visual features in generously designed living areas.

The term "fitting" refers to a component for doors, windows and furniture that has the main function of connecting a movable component (such as a door leaf) with another movable or immovable part (such as the door frame). Fittings for glass doors or other components essentially fulfil the purpose of making them movable and lockable. Fittings come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have the same basic function. In order for a door or window to be securely locked, the hardware must be installed correctly and processed professionally. Most fittings are made of metal, but some are also made of other materials such as plastic. Regardless of their material, fittings play an important role in the security and comfort of a house.

Fittings for doors, windows and furniture fittings can be roughly divided into two groups: those that enable movement, such as hinges, and those that serve to lock the element, such as handles and locks. Both types of hardware connect the sash to the frame, which in turn is firmly attached to the wall. Handles and locks are important fittings that provide both security and convenience. Hinges are also important, as they provide the necessary movement to allow doors and windows to open and close. Furthermore, fittings differ depending on where they are installed. We stock hardware for the following areas: Bathroom and sanitary Interior fittings Furniture Railings Canopies Glass door fittings for bathrooms and sanitary facilities, mostly in the form of shower door fittings, are in particularly high demand.

Door fittings, such as glass door fittings or other fittings for doors, essentially comprise lever handles and lock fittings. A lever handle set consists of a pair of lever handles and usually two door plates. These are fitted on both sides of the door leaf. These two-part variants differ from long plates, which consist of only one part and cover both the lever handle and the keyhole. The classic lever handle can also be replaced by a rotary knob.
The lock fittings, the second important component of door fittings, include the lock (installed in the sash) and the strike plate (installed in the frame). The latter has openings into which the lock latch (for "simply" closing the door without a key) and the lock bolt (if the door is locked with a key) can engage. A multi-point locking system makes a door particularly secure. Lock fittings are mainly used for entrance doors, but also simply for room doors. There are different types, such as all-glass door fittings or fittings for wooden or plastic doors. Other door variants, such as fittings for showers with glass doors, do not require a locking system; a simple lever handle is sufficient.
Window hardware can also be used to increase security and in most cases refers to certain locking devices.

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