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Tapered mandrel DIN 238 type 236, MK2 on B16

Product number: SP78.B0427


The hardened and ground taper mandrel is suitable for the flushing head SP 78.OE013.

In addition. the taper mandrel is compatible with the lower drill spindle of the manual drill Profi Drill 2/800-S (BO 79.2-S), Profi Drill 2/1000-S (BO 79.3-S --> SN 186/07 - 247/13) as well as the rear drill spindle of the Profi Drill V 2/900/10 (BO 79.8 --> 2007 - 2013).

For glass drilling machine Profi Drill 2/800/10 (BO 79.2-S), Profi Drill 2/1000/10 (BO 79.3-S) and (BO 79.8)

Application note:
Please degrease before installation.

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