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Rotary shaft seal 32 x 47 x 7 mm WA FKM 80

Product number: SP79.B0293


The rotary shaft seal is a ready-to-install sealing element with a radially arranged sealing lip for sealing shafts and axles. The seal consists of a rubber sleeve, a metallic stiffening ring and an annular helical tension spring.

The inner diameter is 32 mm, the outer diameter 47 mm. The shaft seal is 7 mm wide.
The rotary shaft seal is compatible with the upper and lower drill spindle of the manual drill Profi Drill 2/800/10 (BO 79.2) and Profi Drill 2/1000/10 (BO 79.3 --> SN 95/02 - 185/07) as well as with the rear and front spindle of the Profi Drill V 2/900/10 (BO 79.8 --> from 200- - 2007) and the upper spindle of the Basic Drill 1/800/10 (BO 79.1).

For the drilling machine Profi Drill (BO 79.2 / BO 79.3), Profi Drill V (BO 79.8) and Basic Drill (BO 79.1)

Application note:
Grease the oil seals well before installation.

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