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VetroScreen: Barrier Protection for the Workplace

The VetroScreen mobile holders provide excellent barrier protection from airborne aerosols associated with coughs and sneezes. They are available as clamped or free-standing options and can be installed in a few seconds with an Allen key. Drilling holes in the glass of the protective screen is not necessary. The flexible installation of VetroScreen holders on counters or desks ensures optimal protection. For panel thicknesses of 4 - 10 mm, VetroScreen offers flexible, easy to install protection. In black, white and grey, the powder-coated VetroScreen holders fit into almost any environment.


VetroScreen Stand

The VetroScreen stands (160x75mm) provide flexible barrier protection. They are designed for clear plate materials with a thickness of 4mm - 10mm.

  • High stability due to solid construction (ø base plate 160 mm; weight/piece approx. 1200 g)
  • Secure due to 2 large M10 screws
  • Easy and very fast assembly without special tools
  • Adjustable aluminium holders and steel base with self-adhesive pad
  • Supplied with four washers per plate holder


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VetroScreen Clamps

VetroScreen clamps (50x93mm) are flexibly mounted on counters or desks and can be attached to any horizontal surface with a thickness of 18mm to 40mm. 

  • High stability due to large clamping screw on the base and plate
  • Solid construction (weight/piece approx. 450 g)
  • Simple and very fast assembly without special tools
  • Suitable for counters, desks or other horizontal edges
  • Suitable for sheet materials with a thickness of 4mm - 10mm
  • Supplied with four washers per clamp


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New: VetroScreen Clamp 90° angle



Further options for the installation of protective and partition walls

Clamp mounting square/semicircular for square tube and round tube
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