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MasterTrack® ST – Maximum Shower Comfort thanks to new Sliding Door System

MasterTrack® ST is a high-tech sliding door system for showers which excels due to its simplified, modern design, its easy installation, and sophisticated technology. The MasterTrack ST shower door system is well suited for recess and corner applications, as well as for detached showers, and can be installed either as a barrier-free system or with an unobtrusive threshold, as desired. 

Benefits at a Glance

  • Impressive running smoothness with a high-quality damping system 
  • No glass processing, e.g. drill holes, required.
  • Ideal force absorption and safe unhinging mechanism
  • Quick installation, system can be adjusted from the front
  • Height adjustable by +/- 3 mm
Quick installation

MasterTrack® ST can be installed intuitively. Due to the clamping mechanism, additional glass processing is not necessary. Special clamping inserts guarantee a safe and stable support of the glass. Once the carriage is fitted to the rail, all components are accessible and can be easily adjusted from the front.

Minimalistic, elegant design

The narrow profile rail with matt or (shiny) polished finish convinces due to its simplified design and fits perfectly into all bathrooms. The system is suitable both for small bathrooms in need of a space-saving shower installation and for spacious showers (up to 2 m). Upon request, the system can either be equipped with a threshold or installed as a barrier-free solution. The bottom guide connection element can even be detached to allow for a barrier-free installation – thus conveying a classy look. The small gap (12 mm) between the fixed sidelight and the sliding door minimises water leakage while having a shower. 

1 safe and tight fit of the pane thanks to special clamping inserts

2 patented all-metal dampers with high-quality hydraulics

3 optional threshold

High-tech for exceptional running smoothness

The technically sophisticated carriages and the patented all-metal dampers form the centrepiece of MasterTrack® and integrate into one well-balanced unit. These components together with the high-quality ball bearings enable a smooth and soft running behaviour and true shower comfort.

Ideally tailored force absorption

The innovative dampers slow down the sliding door softly and seamlessly in one movement. The dampers are equipped with high-quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide which are perfectly matched to each other. Independent of door weight or closing speed, both extremely wide and extremely narrow sliding doors are gently slowed down. 

The sliding door system has already proven itself for interior fit-out applications with glass.

Here you will find further information on MasterTrack® FT for interior fit-out applications.

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