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XtraClean - the new cleaning paste

Graffiti on your house wall? Deposits on machines? Stubborn dirt is hard to remove. Powerful yet gentle cleaning is a question of the right agent and its ingredients. The XtraClean cleaning paste from Bohle is based on a completely new cleaning formula: Using the finest microparticles, essential oils and surfactants, it achieves an especially thorough yet gentle cleaning effect. It protects the surface even in case of hard dirt deposits, such as paint residues or rust.

Thanks to millions of microparticles, XtraClean is capable of removing deposits, building dirt or rust from glass, stainless steel, ceramic, tile joints and other hard surfaces. It even masters concrete splatters and oil deposits effectively or cleans dirty machines which look like new again in no time. The effect of the cleaning particles is further enhanced by surfactants which improve the solubility of greasy stains as well as by essential oils set free during cleaning. The following applies: The higher the temperature during cleaning, the more essential oils are set free and the more economical is the cleaning paste.

XtraClean contains neither chemical additives, nor acids or aggressive bleaching ingredients. Instead, the paste-like texture stands out due to its especially high concentration of microparticles. They have a mechanical effect on the dirt deposit and loosen it from the substrate through rubbing. For this purpose, the paste is applied with a standard sponge or a soft cloth and is distributed thoroughly on the surface to be cleaned. Depending on the degree of contamination, reworking with clear water and a soft sponge is recommended.

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