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Bohle Master Belt brings new flexibility to glass sanding

Bohle has launched a new incarnation of its popular Master Belt glass sander, offering new efficiencies but also flexibility in glass sanding.

Ideal for grinding and arrissing, the Master Belt features increased precision in manufacture through easy height adjustment of the grinding unit and simple lateral speed adjustment.

The addition of a new stainless steel ball caster table and with integrated wash basin, belt clamp at the table feet and cooling system, also simplifies production.

Dave Broxton: Managing Director, Bohle in the UK, said: “The thing to emphasise here is the high level of flexibility that the Master Belt delivers alongside exceptional product quality.

“It represents a significant evolution of previous systems and that delivers a noticeable increase in quality on arrises and grinds.”

Suitable for use with any 1820X100mm sanding belt, it’s available in two version, one with a bandwidth of 11m/s, the other 22m/s.

The German-engineered and made system also employs a large contact roller to minimise hollow grinding increasing quality.

Master Belt has also been designed as a modular unit. This means that it can accommodate a series of additions including extension leg pull-outs, coolant collecting trays and circulation systems, grinding tables for small panes and stopper systems.

“We see this as being another major benefit for glass processors. The fact that it’s a modular system means that there is scope to build-out their Master Belt and exploit additional efficiencies.

“For example, this includes integration with our sedimentor and coolant integration systems, which significant reduce and almost eliminate downtime for cleaning, altogether.” 


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