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Bohle launches new lightweight high intensity UV lamp

Bohle has launched a new high-intensity lightweight UV Hand Lamp significantly cutting bonding times and delivering increased flexibility.

Ideal for bonding larger metal fittings including adaptor plates and hinges, the new generation hand held lamp, plugs directly into the mains power supply, which means it doesn’t require a transformer and is lighter and easier to use.

It delivers increased performance over early generation models. UV output comes in at 200 mW/cm2 – making it ideal for use where a high strength bond is required for example, fixing hinges to double mirror panels.

It’s also been tested by Bohle to deliver pre-cures (30%) in 30-seconds. Full cures can be achieved in as little as three minutes.

Bohle UV bonding specialist Amanda Carr, said: “The new high intensity lamp is a really exciting product because of the increased efficiencies and flexibility that it delivers.

“It’s an incredibly well considered piece of kit. There’s no transformer so it’s far more mobile but it also delivers an exceptional output. There’s no warm-up time, it delivers immediate high-outputs, significantly cutting pre-curing and curing times.

“This is something which clearly has the potential to deliver significant time savings when used in batch production.”

It’s new BO 5500358 Hand Lamp is the latest in a series of new generation UV Bonding technologies launched by Bohle.  

This includes its new state-of-the art UVA Star tube lamps, which deliver higher quality UV bonding cures while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

Part of Bohle’s leading-edge Verifix UV bonding range, it can be used to bond lengths of glass of up to 1410mm. The new ‘T8’ tube technology creating a high UVA output with a wave range of 315-400nm, operating from a power source of just 230 volts. 

This sits alongside pre-treatments, including metal primers and Pyrosil, Bohle’s low surface tension primer, and its popular MV760adhesive, which can withstand a sheer strength load capacity of 25 newtons/mm2.

“We’re seeing real innovation in structural glass processing and UV-bonding in particular. We’re constantly aligning and realigning our UV bonding offer to facilitate and accommodate those changes, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable but also increasing accuracy and efficiency in production”, concluded Amanda.


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