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Bohle carries the BriteGuard® glass protection series forward

So far, a three-step coating process involving BriteGuard® Surface Activator, Surface Sealer and finally Surface Finisher had to be carried out in order to achieve an optimum and durable surface protection. This process used to consume up to approx. 30 minutes of your valuable working time. With the new BriteGuard® Pro surface protection, Bohle launches a smart further development which can be applied in a matter of seconds and provides protection for several years. The product is a transparent coating for all smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces which offers quick and reliable protection against corrosion. In addition, an easy-to-clean surface is created which makes it hard for dirt particles to adhere to it. Aggressive chemicals are therefore no longer needed for cleaning.

After pre-cleaning the surface with a silicone-free glass cleaner or a suitable alcohol based cleaner, BriteGuard® Pro is applied manually and creates a matt surface appearance within a few seconds. The surface is polished immediately afterwards. This makes the glass surface hydrophobic and therefore permanently easy to clean. The coating is suited both for interior and exterior applications.

Apart from BriteGuard® Surface Activator, Surface Sealer and Surface Finisher, BriteGuard® Pro also replaces the BriteGuard® Express surface protection. The latter also excelled thanks to its quick application procedure, however, offering a protection of a few months only. The proven BriteGuard® Surface Sealer X remains part of the product range as a protection for rough surfaces.

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