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Norwich Glass

With clients ranging from Porsche to Goodwood and with a wide variety of retail projects under its belt, glass hardware flexibility has been key for Norwich Glass.

 “Things don’t always quite measure up”, says James Neill, Managing Director, Norwich Glass. “If you’re working off drawings or half-way through a build, the reality of construction means that things aren’t always delivered with mm accuracy, when in glass you’re always looking for a perfect finish. That means that you need a level of adjustment in your hardware.”

A case in point is Norwich Glass’ recent installation for Porsche at Goodwood. Installed as part of the Festival of Speed, balustrading formed a key feature of the stand, fulfilling a critical safety function but also delivering clear sightlines to the cars being showcased.  

“It was a challenging installation in the sense that we had to fit the balustrading to an uneven and imperfect surface. It was essentially a wood and scaffolding platform, so we needed something which gave us a lot of flexibility to make adjustments and accommodate those imperfections”, explains James.

As part of its solution, Norwich Glass specified Bohle’s modular and flexible EasyMount Vario base rail balustrading system.

Fully tested to BS6180:2011, the system is suitable for floor or lateral mounting, supporting fast and easy installation.

It delivers variable glass adjustment via a moveable base shoe. Accommodating glass thickness of 12mm to 21.52mm, combined with simple fitting requirements, it cuts installation time by as much as 30 per cent over comparable systems.

The other significant benefit delivered by the EasyMount Vario is that this adjustment can be achieved from the balcony side alone, making installation not only safer but at lower cost.

James continues: “The adjustability and the strength that we got was key. It allowed us to arrive on site at around 11am and complete the installation by 5pm, with a little bit of final adjustment the next day – so that’s 20m of balustrading in a little bit less than a day.”

Working across commercial and retail sectors, these efficiencies and flexibility are cited by James as important in the company’s choice of hardware.  

He says: “The Easymount Vario is a very well-engineered and good quality product but that’s what we see across Bohle’s hardware range. We haven’t had a single product issue, everything has done exactly what it’s meant to do and probably made it easier to do it along the way.”

In addition to the EasyMount Vario, Norwich Glass also uses Bohle’s Posiglaze lightweight aluminium channel system.  Easy to install, like the Easymount Vario, it features a high level of adjustment as well as flexibility in installation, making it suitable for use in balustrading but also partitioning.

Again, fully tested to BS6180:2011, the system can accommodate 12mm, 15mm, 17.5mm, 19mm and 21.5mm glass. This includes 1.5kN loading on 19mm glass. In common with the Easymount Vario, it’s also suitable for face or surface mounting.

It also supports easy adjustment of the glass once the rail system is in place through easy adjustment bolt screws.

“We used it in a wide variety of residential balcony installations”, continued James. “Again, it’s a very well-engineered product that offers a lot of flexibility and adjustment.

“We’ve just completed an £8.5K 15mm laminated staircase installation using Bohle Single Point Fixings. What’s great is that you get that same tolerance and adjusment.”

Suitable for use with tempered and laminated safety glass, Bohle Single Point Fixings combine strength and precision, in an easily adjustable glass wall mounting system.

“The single-point fixings give you that flexibility to adjust installations and accommodate those slight differences in dimensions, and still deliver a very high-end finish and installation, with a strong aesthetic”, says James.  

He continues: “That’s a real plus for us with working with Bohle. It’s the product quality. The flexibility that it delivers, and the technical support and expertise that sits behind it.”  

He concludes: “Those relationships are absolutely key. The Bohle team are incredibly knowledgeable. Michael, our rep. was a glass processor before joining Bohle, so there’s a real depth of knowledge to call on if you want it and the products deliver exactly what they’re meant to.”


For more information email or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151.


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