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Architectural glass in the mainstream

“We’re seeing glass partitioning and sliding doors specified in more and more domestic as well as commercial applications”, says Richard Challinor, Project Manager, Installations Division, Safeguard Glazing Supplies. “It’s an increasingly important part of our business and one which we’re growing”.
The Lincolnshire glass processor and IGU manufacturer, was appointed by oak frame specialist, Natural Structures, to supply internal glass doors and partitioning to a new oak-framed pool and home gym in neighbouring Leicestershire. “It was one of those things that gets you the job. The owners had a couple of dogs and they wanted to be able to close off the pool area without losing light or making the gym feel enclosed”, Richard continued.
“We were approached by the main contractor Natural Structures to work with them to develop a solution which met that brief for light and space.”
This paired a single glass traffic door and sliding door and fixed light, with the floor to ceiling oak frame of the building to stunning effect, using the Portavant 60 Twinline and swing door Self-Closing Patch system from Bohle. Ideally suited to high-end residential or commercial applications, Portavant 60 Twinline is part of the Vitris Portavant Range and is available as a space-saving wall mounted or ceiling or lintel hung system.
Accommodating 8-12mm toughened and 8.76-12.76mm laminated glass, it features integrated dampeners, so that each sash closes on the other using a soft-close technology. Installation is also straightforward with all components inserted into the track laterally. This means that the glass panel fitted with clamping jaws is mounted into the twin roller assembly from below, making adjustment and setting simpler. A special swivelling feature on the clamp also means that the cushioning system and the activator remain perfectly aligned even if installed outside of exact vertical alignment up to a tolerance of +/- 2.5mm.
The Portavant 60 Twinline’s major selling point, however, is its use of a telescopic mechanism, which enables each individual door leaf to be stacked alongside the other, maximising opened space. This is also utilised in the Portavant 150 Multiline. Suitable for single-sided or two-sided installations, it can accommodate spans of up to 6 metres and weights of up to 150kg as a single system and 12 metres with two systems, while individual sashes can be manufactured to up to 960mm in width. The use of this telescopic systems making both the Portavant 60 Twinline and 150 Multiline ideal as a room divider where space is at a premium. In addition to the telescopic Portavant 60 Twinline and 150 Multiline, the Portavant range is also available in three standard sliding door options, the Portavant 60 (60kg); the Portavant 120, which can accommodate weights of up to 80kg and the Portavant 150 (150kg).
“The complexity of fitting internal sliding doors has perhaps slowed their potential growth but with this was straightforward to install and the operation was perfect straight away, requiring very little adjustment. This and the other new systems which are being brought onto the market, including those from Bohle, are making it much more accessible”, Richard added.
This includes this includes Bohle’ new MasterTrack internal sliding door system.  Fitted in as little as 10-minutes and requiring no glass processing to install, it’s able to accommodate glass thickness from 8mm to 12.76mm and maximum sash weights of up to 150kg utilizing a single wall mounted or ceiling hung track.
The highly innovative swing-door Self-closing Corner Fitting from Bohle and as used by Safeguard Glazing Supplies on the installation, replaces the conventional floor springs used in traditional internal swing-door self-closing systems with a cutting-edge hydraulic option. The self-closing corner Fitting doesn’t need to be recessed and can be fitted in as little as 45-minutes, using just four screws to achieve a fixing to the floor, as part of a simple two-stage process. This delivers a significant on-site time saving compared to traditional installation techniques, including time lost for cement to cure. Also featuring simple and easy zero positioning of cover plates, the double action ‘push/pull’ system opens to 90° and features fully adjustable closing speeds. 
“The swing door patch system was also very good to install. It was straight forward, with a really good mechanism. The main contractor was very happy with the product as was the end customer. The use of glass against the natural features of the oak really was absolutely stunning”, added Richard.
In addition to its Portavant and Mastertrack ranges, Bohle also supplies Frametec, its interior glass partitioning system, which incorporates similar design flexibility, supporting full customisation. Supplied in Select and Premium formats, the Premium offer also delivers exceptional sound insulation of 33dB, while its also certified to EN ISO 10140. This range, specially developed to support glass processors, installers and builders in meeting demand in commercial and home improvement sectors for architectural glass products, as Chloe Baines, Hardware Manager, Bohle, explains.
“Internal glass door systems are ‘on trend’ and architects are exploiting their use in wide variety of commercial, retail and domestic applications. Most importantly, with a new generation of easy-installation systems are available, which means that the sector provides a new business platform for glass processors and home improvement installation businesses. The residential sector in particular represents a great secondary market opportunity for glass processors and home improvement businesses. “Glass processors can access it through a supply only or supply and fit basis – regardless, it pulls more glass through the line.  For home improvement businesses internal door and partitioning installation creates an additional revenue stream and one which utilises their core skills set. “We’re here to support them in moving into it.”
For more about Bohle’s product and service offer visit or  email or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.
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