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Is your glass order true to specification?

There has been significant industry concern about glass and IGU supply and the questions raised by some within it about whether or not glass delivered to site is always to specification. Dave Broxton, Managing Director Bohle disucsses.

I personally can’t think of a single glass processor or IGU manufacturer who I have met in the enitriety of my career, who would deliberately or knowingly supply out-of-spec product.

Mistakes can and do, however, happen and when they do, it can be very difficult to distinguish the properties of one type of glass from another – particularly where a PVB interlayer or coating is being used.

In this case liability sits with the whole supply chain. This includes the threat of prosecution where  products can be proven to have been supplied outside specification under Building Regulations – even if errors are genuine.

And while the exception to the rule, there are regrettably always individuals or companies, prepared to put lives and the reputation of their customers, at risk.  

A case in Northern Ireland last year, is just one recent example, in which ordinary laminate glass was stamped and sold as fireglass and supplied to the construction industry across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and England.

It’s at the extreme end of the scale but the case, highlights the importance of knowing exactly what you’re sourcing and supplying. As a glass processor you’re by definition, accountable for what you supply regardless of whether you’re acting in good faith or otherwise.

It’s the same for fabricators and the same for installers.

Bohle provides a potential solution in the Glass Buddy and Glass Buddy Plus, which eliminate the risk of inaccurate supply of product by providing an instant analysis of glass properties ahead of manufacture or installation.

Capable of analysis of single pane through to laminated or insulated glass units, Glass Buddy uses laser technology to deliver an instant analysis of glass properties. This includes thickness, the structure of the pane, the Low-E coating, PVB interlays and their position to the accuracy of 0.1mm.

The most important issue here is clearly one of public safety. Labelling errors are common, you may genuinely believe that you’re supplying fireglass but if you’re not there’s no way of telling. The ramifications of this can be catastrophic.

There is also the threat of prosecution and the damage to reputation and contractural relationships. Glass Buddy eliminates doubt and allows you to pick up those errors before they impact on your business – it’s peace of mind for a small price.

Watch the video here


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