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Competitive edge: industrial glass cutting

Industrial glass cutting starts with the right tools. Dave Broxton, Bohle’s Managing Director explains how innovation is supporting glass processors in making the perfect cut.

Efficient and effective glass cutting is the product of multiple factors. It’s about understanding the type of glass, the shape of the cut you want to achieve, the wheel diameter, wheel angle and the cutting pressure to make it, the speed of the cut and even the choice of cutting fluid - all of these individual factors collectively come together to have an impact on edge quality.

Glass cutting is where Josef Bohle started in 1923. With Silberschnitt and Diamantor now synonymous with quality in glass cutting world-wide, it remains our core business today. It’s about precision, the right tools to do the job and an understanding of their application.

Your choice of glass cutter or cutting wheel is absolutely critical to end-product quality. The general rules are the thinner the glass, the more acute or sharp the cutting angle should be, say around 135° - 90°. Conversely the thicker the glass, so angles should be more obtuse or blunt, for example in the region of 135° to 165°.

Make the right choices and you should achieve a high product quality with only the small notches, few if any break-outs and little to no scalloping.

The use of carbide steel and polycrystalline diamond wheels has been one of the major innovations in manual and automatic glass cutting technology, offering a service life several times longer than conventional cutting wheels but moreover, consistency in quality right up until the last cut.

As an example, the Cutmaster Gold carbide automatic cutting wheel has been developed as an ideal solution for the automatic cutting of laminated glass. Offering up to 10 times the life expectancy of a standard cutting wheel, it can deliver a consistent cut of up to 250km.

These are comparatively small efficiencies individually but with forecast growth in laminate specification, efficiencies which soon add up to deliver critical competitive advantage.

The Cutmaster Platinum moves glass cutting technology further forward, employing a new specially structured wheel technology to maintain not only a consistent cut throughout its service life but to reduce edge-damage. Suitable for use in dry cutting, cuts require minimal pressure and improve edge stability.

This is achieved using a patented micro technology, which maintains a continuously sharp cutting edge across the entire circumference of the wheel achieving a uniform penetration of the glass. This creates a precise cutting pattern minimising splinter formation and damage to the cut edge. 

It’s suitable for use on shape cuts of 0.1 to 2mm and straight cuts of 0.05 -3mm of thin glass; shape cuts of 0.1 – 2mm and straight cuts of 0.5 -19mm of float glass. It’s also suitable for cutting medical glass, optical glass, borosilicate glass up to 25mm plus other specialist glass types.

We’re committed to continuous innovation. Globally we work in partnership with machinery manufacturers from Hegla, through to Bavelloni, Bottero, Bystronic, Intermac, Macotec and Lisec, Our cutting wheels are suitable for use with standard machinery ranges manufactured by each. We can also develop bespoke solutions to meet specialist requirements.

As a general rule of thumb we also recommend the use of specialized cutting fluids depending on the glass. It provides a far smoother run of the wheel but also penetrates the smallest micro-fissure and stabilises built-up tensions over a longer period as well as dealing with dust to ensure a soft precise break.

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Our understanding of glass cutting is built on approaching a century’s refinement and innovation. If you want to find out more or want to discuss any specific requirements, please get in touch by emailing or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151.



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