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Commercial opportunity

Glass balustrading is big in the commercial arena. We find out how Bohle’s Easymount Vario system allows installation businesses to move seamlessly form residential to commercial installations.

If commercial architecture is defined by a single trend, it’s its use of glass. This is building ‘without walls’. The design of contemporary, commercial space is about natural light and minimalistic design, supporting a natural flow through buildings.

The net effect of this core approach to design is that there has been an explosion in demand from the commercial sector for glass balustrading. “This growing demand has been key in driving the development of the EasyMount Vario”, explains Dave Broxton, Managing Director Bohle.

“It allows anyone running fitting teams, either home improvement businesses or glass processors, to add an easy-fit balustrading system to their offer and to access opportunities not only in residential markets but also the commercial arena, using a single system – the opportunities across each market are very significant.”  

The EasyMount Vario balustrade system from Bohle is a highly engineered but also ultra-flexible top mount system and represents the evolution of Bohle’s proven and established EasyMount Vario range.

Accommodating glass thicknesses of 12 to 21.52mm and suitable for interior or exterior use, it offers two linear load options in a single system defined by the distance between mounting points.

This includes a standard residential application of 0.74kN, when fixed every 20cm or a 1.5kN load with fixings at 10cm centres, making the EasyMount Vario suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, while minimizing stock holding. 

“It offers both strength and flexibility, with two linear load options defined by the distance between drill holes and fixings”, continues Broxton. “Standard residential spacing is every 20cm to achieve a load strength of 0.74kN, increasing to a 1.5kN load, simply by doubling up on fixings.

“The Easymount Vario also uses a simple sliding movement to allow installers to achieve new precision in panel positioning, which, combined with simple fitting requirements cuts installation time by as much as 30 per cent.”

The Easymount Vario also offers full adjustment from the balcony side of up to 34mm to the perpendicular, accommodating imperfections in the mounting base.

Broxton continued: “If you’re looking at a traditional installation at height by comparison you have got the significant expense associated with access, for example the rental of a tower or scaffolding. The Easymount Vario eliminates that requirement making installation not only safer but also significantly lowering the cost”, he adds.

The EasyMount Vario is also available as a side mounted system for use in private residential applications only, achieving a 0.74kN loading with a mounting distance at intervals of just 40cm.

Side mounted and top mounted systems both utilize connecting pins to simplify alignment and support a high precision fit. “Balustrading is a precision product and you need perfect alignment, which again can be time consuming and difficult to do”, continues Broxton. “The inter-locking pins again completely eliminate any loss of time by guaranteeing perfect alignment every time.” 

Suitable for indoor or external applications, in addition to the Easymount Vario, Bohle also supplies a range of heavier duty top and side mounted balustrading systems, developed specifically for commercial applications.

These accommodate loads of up to 3kN and glass thicknesses of up to 31.52mm. Bohle also supplies a wide range of ancillaries including hand rails, fixings, end caps and connectors. 

“The advantage of the Easymount Vario is the flexibility to work across different sectors and to different regulatory requirements with a single system”, says Broxton. “The limit on this is loading at 1.5kN.

“This gives the Easymount Vario extensive reach into a wide range of light commercial applications. If the requirements for loading are greater, we also offer a range of top and side fixed options, developed specifically for heavier duty applications including higher rise balconies.”

“In the vast majority of residential applications and in a wide range of light commercial settings, the Easymount Vario more than holds its own. 

“The flexibility it offers in installation, including adjustment from one side and two loadings, using just a single system which reduces stock holding, is a distinct commercial advantage.

“It removes a barrier to entry to growing commercial market for anyone working in the residential field, while offering significant pull through of product and high margin opportunities.”

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