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Silberschnitt® wheel holder module 416 plastic

Product number: BO416A110M


Complete module consisting of plastic wheel holder and pre-facetted carbide cutting wheel.

Compared to the classic wheel change, the exchange of a complete module is much more convenient, is quicker and requires far less dexterity. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum. The different colours of the plastic wheel holders also minimise the risk of confusion, which represents a considerable risk for production, especially when handling unlabelled wheel holders and cutting wheels.
Suitable for machines made by Bottero, Grenzebach, MacoTec, Intermac, Pannkoke and many more.

Your Advantages

  • Quick and convenient change
  • Shortened downtimes
  • Reduced risk of confusion thanks to coloured holder

Technical details

Old rose
Cutting edge angle
Active with prefacet
Material cutting wheel
Package contents
10 Pieces
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