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Silberschnitt® W41 cutting fluid

Product number: BO5002902


The easily washable cutting fluid is used where the highest demands are made on cutting and breakage quality, e.g. in the automotive sector, in thick glass cutting and for demanding shaped cuts.

Modern synthetic cutting fluids are definitely preferable to traditional lubricants such as petroleum or paraffin.
Cutting fluids lubricate the cutting wheel, minimising friction and thus enabling longer tool life. A reduction in cutting force results in less damage to the glass surface, leading to less chipping and better edge quality. In addition, the finest glass particles are bound and consequential damage in downstream process steps is avoided. Since both production processes and environmental conditions are different for each manufacturer, the cutting fluid must also be adapted to the respective conditions. Important selection criteria are, for example, glass thickness, surface temperature or the application system.

With its lower viscosity, it is ideally suited for pressureless oil supply systems.
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Your Advantages

  • Excellent lubricating effect
  • Significantly improved edge quality
  • Audibly softer break
  • Longer service life
  • Washable without residue

Technical details

30 l
0.87 g/cm³
1 year
Flash point (°C)
182 °C
Package contents
1 Canister
Storage information
Keep away from heat sources / combustible materials, Keep away from naked flames / heat, Protect from high temperatures, Protect from sunlight, Store in closed container, Store in original container
Storage temperature (°C)
5 - 40 °C
25 mPas
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