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Silberschnitt® HM cutting wheel type 63 with pre-facet

Product number: BO63A145


Bohle recognised the extraordinary properties of tungsten carbide early on. An increased running performance compared to conventional steel wheels is one of the great advantages of the material.

Furthermore, tungsten carbide cutting wheels are characterised by uniformly good cutting properties and the resulting clean breaking edges for different glass thicknesses. But it is not only the basic material that is decisive for the quality. The greatest know-how lies in the further processing of the wheel blanks, which are given their very special grind on specially developed machines. Only the grind, the design of which depends on the subsequent application, leads to a consistently long service life and optimum cutting results.
The majority of well-known cutting machine manufacturers worldwide trust in the proven Silberschnitt® quality and equip their systems with industrial cutting technology from Bohle as standard.

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Your Advantages

  • Long service life
  • High quality raw materials
  • Superior running properties
  • Quality Made in Germany

Technical details

Bore diameter
1.6 mm
Cutting edge angle
Active with prefacet
Material thickness
3 mm
Outer diameter
6 mm
Package contents
10 Pieces
Wheel geometry
Ø 6 x 3 x Ø 1,6 mm
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