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Scratch Away®

Scratch Away® SAW360 230 V scratch removal system

Product number: BO5300914


Over 90 % of all scratches are surface scratches. These can be effortlessly removed step by step with the Scratch Away® scratch removal system.

Among the well-known systems, the worldwide patented Scratch Away® impresses with fast, safe and "invisible" results. Suitable for removing light scratches, stains, and acid spots on flat glass, insulating glass, and car glass, etc. The flexible rubber collar protects the working environment and the person carrying out the work from dirt. When removing scratches from the edges of built-in glass, simply remove the protective rubber collar and you can work right up to the edge. Scratch Away® can be used in the workshop as well as on site.

With the Scratch Away® you polish surface scratches with the greatest precision and without residue or splashes from the glass. The Scratch Away® has two supports which, together with the polishing head, distribute the load over three points. This intelligent way of distributing the load ensures optimum stability when the glass is used horizontally or vertically. This is especially necessary when polishing curved panes. The Scratch Away® is always parallel to the pane, thus eliminating further damage.

No rotational scratches
The polishing head of the Scratch Away® makes eccentric circular movements and, as a result, there is no "running away" over the pane - in contrast to normally rotating machines, where there is a risk of spiral scratches if the polishing head is not placed exactly over the pane and rotates away sideways over the surface to be polished. The unit is compact and handy, making it a very user-friendly polisher overall.

Powered by electricity
The Scratch Away® is powered by electricity. It is mobile and can be used anywhere. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, your hand is always exactly above the eccentric axis. Polishing requires minimal physical effort. The Scratch Way® comes in a compact and sturdy tool case that includes, among other things, a precision magnifying glass to accurately determine the damage.

How does Scratch Away® work?
With the unique Scratch Away® system, you polish surface scratches cleanly and precisely. In just a few minutes of work and with minimal effort, a 6.5 centimetre scratch can be removed. Use the magnifying glass (included) to determine what type of scratch it is. In the case of a surface scratch, for example caused by contact with another pane or a softer material such as iron, our Scratch Away® system comes into play. It allows you to repair both convex and concave windows. With Scratch Away® you do not remove any material! Therefore, it is also ideal for repairing mirrors. Deep scratches can be repaired by using Scratch A Way® with the optional metal disc BO 5300912 in combination with 2 specially developed abrasive pastes (BO 5300913 and BO 5300916).

Practical and efficient
All that is required for polishing windscreens is the necessary temperature of approx. 65⁰ C, low speed, a Scratch A Way® polishing disc and a little water spray. The polishing wheel has a diameter of only 50 mm. This small circumference and the low speed ensure quick and efficient work. The required pressure per square centimetre is easily achieved with this 50 mm Scratch Away® polishing disc - both in the horizontal and vertical position.

No more pane removal
The biggest advantage of working with Scratch Away® is the ability to cleanly remove surface scratches from the mounted pane. Use the Scratch Away® system while the windscreen remains in the frame. During polishing, only a little foam is produced from the polish. There is no splashing, and any residue can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

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Your Advantages

  • Effortless removal of surface scratches
  • Low weight of 1.5 kg
  • Insulation / safety according to EN50144 / HD 400.1 + HD 400.2

Technical details

Application area
Automotive, Glass, Indoor, Mobile, Outside, Polishing, Scratch removal
Diameter grinding wheel
50 mm
Edge processing
Electr. power
250 W
Electrical connection
Package contents
1 Set
6,000 - 12,000 U/min

Scope of supply

1 Piece
Felt-tip pen
1 Piece
1 Piece
Magnifier for determining the scratch depth
1 Piece
SAW electric in a case
3 Pieces
Polishing wheels


Scratch A way® - Instruction Manual
Scratch-Away: Scratch Removal System
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