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Professional set with handheld lamp

Product number: BO5500371


The professional set offers the basic equipment for glass-to-metal bonding. With the hand lamp, fittings in furniture construction can be attached quickly and efficiently. The high-quality lamp is securely packed in the case and ready to hand with all the necessary tools.

The UV lamp is the UVAHAND 250 hand lamp, BO 5209404. Due to the high power, the curing times of the adhesives are very short. The glass scraper and very fine steel wool are well suited for removing excess adhesive after pre-curing. The enclosed dispensing needles fit the medium-viscosity glass-to-metal adhesives MV760 and B 682-T. Due to its radiation field, the hand-held lamp is also suitable for curing edge bonding up to 40 cm in length. If the lamp is positioned at an appropriate distance, uniform curing is guaranteed.

The required chemical products (cleaners, adhesives etc.) must be ordered separately.

Application note:
Observe the operating instructions and the relevant technical guidelines and standards.

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Your Advantages

  • Basic equipment for glass-metal bonding
  • Efficient production due to powerful UV lamp

Scope of supply

1 Piece
Dosing needle adapter
1 Piece
Metal glass scraper
1 Piece
1 Piece
UV hand lamp, 230 volt
1 Piece
UV safety glasses
10 Pieces
Disposable gloves Dermatril
100 Pieces
Spare blades with spine
2 Pieces
Dosing needle 0.84 mm Ø - green
2 Pieces
Dosing needle 1.37 mm Ø - amber
1 Piece
Roll steel wool fineness 00

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