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Olis glass door hinge 3 parts

Product number: BO5206850


The Olis three-part glass door hinges are the ideal solution for heavy doors in high-traffic areas. The hinge body is made of aluminium and is available in the surfaces aluminium-coloured anodised E4/C0 and stainless steel-coloured anodised E4/C31.

Depending on the material of the door frame, choose the appropriate frame part from our range. The galvanised frame part is covered with a sleeve, which is included in the scope of delivery
The door hinges are tested according to DIN EN 1935 with 500,000 closing cycles. They are also tested according to DIN EN 1670 and comply with corrosion protection class 3.

The maximum door weight depends on the selected frame section

Application note:
When using the door hinges with laminated safety glass, we recommend using a pressure-neutral film and additionally gluing the door hinges to the glass. We do not recommend using the locks and door hinges in swimming pools and brine baths.

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Your Advantages

  • Suitable for heavy doors and heavy use
  • Tested according to DIN EN 1935 with 500,000 closing cycles
  • Corrosion protection class 3, tested according to DIN EN 1670
  • Can be used DIN right and DIN left

Technical details

Stainless steel colour
Colour standard
Door type
Stop door
Door width
1,000 mm
Glass thickness ESG
8 - 10 mm
Glass thickness VSG
8.76 - 10.76 mm
Hold position
Max. door weight per pair
45 kg
Mounting type
Glass frame
Opening direction
DIN right and DIN left
Product range
Rebate depth at 8mm
24 mm
Rebate depth at 10mm
26 mm
Rise/fall function
Surface treatment
E4 ground and brushed
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Alea-Olis Glass door hinge l Mounting instructions


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