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MasterTrack® FT Accessory Set Synchro

Product number: BO5700020


The MasterTrack® FT accessory set Synchro enables the simultaneous opening of two doors in one track. By means of a converter and a toothed belt, two doors are connected to each other and thus move synchronously. Retrofitting possible for double-door systems of all weight classes.

Application note:
Minimum wing widths for Synchro: at 60 kg min. 675 mm; at 80 kg min. 865 mm; at 120 kg min. 980 mm; at 150 kg min. 980 mm

About the product series MasterTrack® FT:
MasterTrack® FT is a high-tech complete solution for sliding doors that impresses with its revolutionary running smoothness and noticeable ease of movement. The sophisticated sliding door technology is made up of three components: track, roller system and clamping mechanism, making it particularly easy to use. What's more, the entire assembly process requires only a few simple steps. The installation is correspondingly quick, intuitive and thus cost-saving.

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Your Advantages

  • Suitable for all Bohle MasterTrack® FT systems
  • Retrofitting possible for existing systems

Technical details

Package contents
1 Set
Product range
MasterTrack® FT

Scope of supply

1 Set
Synchronous convertor set


MasterTrack FT - Synchro - Instruction Manual
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