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Cutmaster® Gold carbide cutting wheel type 12

Product number: BO12A145G


The innovative long-life cutting wheel Cutmaster® Gold achieves what the glass processing industry has long been waiting for: the balancing act between cost reduction and simultaneous quality improvement.

Cutmaster® Gold reduces costs through its long service life. Especially when cutting laminated safety glass (LSG) and in online cutting on float glass lines, a service life can be achieved that far exceeds that of a conventional carbide cutting wheel. In border cutting on float glass lines, Cutmaster® Gold, with service lives of more than 250 kilometres, enables cutting performance previously only achieved by high-priced wheels made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD).
This is accompanied by considerable savings in maintenance and extended replacement intervals. Based on the special material properties of the coating, the cutting quality remains at a consistently high level throughout the entire period of use and parameter adjustments have to be carried out much less frequently.
Standard machines from the manufacturers Bavelloni, Benteler, Bottero, Glaston (Bystronic), Grenzebach, Hegla, Intermac, LiSEC, Macotec and RS technology can be equipped with Cutmaster® Gold without any problems.

To achieve optimum running properties and service life, Cutmaster® Gold is used in metal wheel holders.
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Your Advantages

  • Cost reduction with simultaneous quality improvement
  • Longer service life (up to 10 times the service life)
  • Consistently high cutting quality over the entire service life
  • Parameter adjustments required less often

Technical details

Bore diameter
1.42 mm
Cutting edge angle
Material thickness
1.08 mm
Outer diameter
4.1 mm
Package contents
1 Piece
Product range
Cutmaster® Gold
Wheel geometry
Ø 4,1 x 1,08 x Ø 1,42 mm
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