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Coolant circulation system, usable capacity 50 l

Product number: BOKUS23050


Today, recirculating coolant systems should be a natural addition to glass processing machines. This is because they not only offer considerable savings potential in water costs: the longer service life of the tools also ensures a rapid amortization of the investment

A nice side effect is that the machining result is also improved thanks to optimum cooling and the possibility of using cooling lubricants.

The cooling water or cooling lubricant-water mixture is conveyed to the glass processing machine via a pump. The return flow is via an HT pipe. Via a cascade system in the settling area of the coolant circulation system, the glass debris settles effectively by sedimentation in the tank. The partially clarified coolant is again conveyed to the processing machine via the pump.

Photo with optional transport roller SP 85.B0444
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Your Advantages

  • Water consumption is significantly reduced
  • Use of cooling lubricants possible, thus improving glass processing
  • Water and wastewater connection at the machine site become superfluous
  • No more elaborate wastewater systems required
  • Sewage sludge can be easily removed
  • Special chamber system improves the clarification of the water
  • Extension of tool service life and reduction of cleaning effort
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Technical details

50 l
Conveying capacity
50 l/min
Electr. power
0.1 kW
Electrical connection
Number of containers
Package contents
1 Piece


Coolant circulation systems - Manual Instruction

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