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Mirror mounting set safeclix® 16

Product number: BO5208211


Safeclix® supplies mirror plates and fixing accessories ready-packed in a set. Mirrors are mounted so that the fixings are invisible to the customer, but the mirror can be removed at any time. The Xtramount® adhesive tape used is high quality and durable. No special installation tools are required.

Without visible and therefore disruptive fixings, elegant mirrors are shown to their best advantage.
The height of the mirror can be adjusted using the eccentric discs. Push-buttons serve as a safety catch and prevent unwanted movement and shifting of the mirror. Universal plugs and screws are included in the set. Depending on the surface, these may need to be replaced with special fixing accessories.

Not suitable for use on splinter protection films or adhesive tapes. These must be cut out in the area of the plates.

Application note:
Observe the processing instructions and the relevant technical guidelines and standards. Not suitable for outdoor use. Only use one set per mirror.

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Your Advantages

  • Highest product standards thanks to Bohle being a certified specialist bonding company
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for a mirror size of up to 1.6 m² with a total weight of 24 kg
  • Suitable for mirrors manufactured according to DIN EN 1036
  • Invisible fixing
  • Mirrors can be removed
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Suitable for installation in the bathroom
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Technical details

See label
Load capacity
24 kg
Mirror removable
Mirror size
1.6 m²
Mirror thickness
5 - 6 mm
Package contents
1 Set
Storage information
Protect from high temperatures, Protect from sunlight, Store dry
Suitable for
Mirrors according to DIN EN 1036
Suitable for damp locations
Un-hinge protection
Push button
Wall distance
14 mm
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Scope of supply

2 Pieces
Mirror plate 200 x 100 mm with Xtramount® adhesive tape
2 Pieces
Eccentric disc
2 Pieces
Press stud
6 Pieces
4 Pieces
Screw ø 4 x 50 mm
4 Pieces
Multi-purpose dowel ø 6 x 36 mm
1 Piece
Assembly instructions



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