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Geo-Master Silberschnitt®

Geo-Master Silberschnitt®

Technical Data

Type Template
Length – cm
Width – cm
The SILBERSCHNITT Geo-Master is a practical supplement for the SILBERSCHNITT pad. Geometrical... more
  • Efficient cutting of glass: strips, parallelograms, mitres, diamond shapes, trapezoids, hexagons, octogons, for decorative wall lamps, star motifs, for small greenhouses, etc.

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Alternative products
Bohle Cutting Frame Bohle Cutting Frame
BO 070.040

BO 070.040 (Length: 40 cm, Width: – cm)

Bohle Speed Cutter Bohle Speed Cutter
BO 4580.0

BO 4580.0 (Description: Cutting width 110 - 600 mm)

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