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"COX" Original Skeleton Gun "COX" Original Skeleton Gun
With automatic sealant stop for cartridges 310 ml
"COX" Original Skeleton Gun "COX" Original Skeleton Gun
Rotatable semi-shell · solid mechanism with patented anti-clamping device for cartridges 310 ml
Calliper Brush Calliper Brush
Fine, light-coloured bristles · red cord fixing Made in Germany Diameter 42 mm Bristle length 51 mm
Cartridge Knife Cartridge Knife
For opening cartridges · cuts plastic nozzles without burring
Chip Brush Fluppi Chip Brush Fluppi
Glass splinters and other contamination on the cutting table carry the risk not only of scratching the next glass pane, but also of causing injuries. “Fluppi“ chip brush is the world´s smallest vacuum cleaner and operates without...
Clamp Clamp
With riveted fibre insert to secure straight edges or as assembly aid for insulated glass Length 150 mm
Dust Brush Dust Brush
Fine, light-coloured bristles · 1 row for preliminary cleaning before sandblasting Size 170 x 23 mm Bristle length approx. 55 mm
Dusting Brush Dusting Brush
Pure soft bristle dusting brush.
Glazier's Hammer blunt Glazier's Hammer blunt
Without brackets · both sides blunt · wooden handle
Glazier's Hammer pointed Glazier's Hammer pointed
With brackets and ground head · polished ash wood handle Made in USA
Glazier's Spatula Premium Leather-covered handle Glazier's Spatula Premium Leather-covered handle
Width 80 mm Length 242 mm Metal · ground · with front bevel · for loosening beading and separating wooden distance blocks · leather strip handle Made in Germany
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