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UVA-LED-hand lamp 365 nm

Please note:

Observe the safety instructions for working with UV light.

Technical Data

Lamp type LED
Powered by 120 V / 230V
Exposure area 250 x 250 mm
Wavelength 365 nm
Power comsumption 70 W

Additional Information:

  • New to the portfolio
Thanks to the high performance of the UVA LED Hand Lamp, both metal parts and smaller surfaces... more

Thanks to the high performance of the UVA LED Hand Lamp, both metal parts and smaller surfaces can be bonded quickly and effectively. Thanks to the use of LEDs, the lamp can only be switched on when needed. No warm-up or cool-down phase. In addition, the lamp hardly irradiates any heat during operation. The risk of damaging the bond through heat can therefore be eliminated. An additional ballast is no longer required. The UVA LED Hand Lamp can be connected to all common power grids around the world.

  • The UVA-LED Hand Lamp 365 nm is suitable for bonding float glass and tempered glass to metal parts. It cannot be used for bonding laminated safety glass or other UV non-permeable glass types.
  • When combined with float glass and tempered glass, all Bohle UV adhesives can be cured with the aid of the UVA LED hand lamp.
  • no damage to bonds due to overheating
  • Usable area 250 x 250 mm
  • The service life of LEDs amounts to approx. 20,000 operating hours.
  • ON/OFF and permanent operation possible

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Product highlights

  • LED technology
  • energy saving
  • no warm-up or cool-down phase
  • ON/OFF operation without warm-up or cool-down times
  • without ballast
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