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Bohle MasterTrack® ST Corner application double door

Technical Data

Line MasterTrack® ST
Mounting Corner
Max. door weight 40 kg
max. door height – mm
Max. door width – mm
Material aluminium
Length 1000 x 1000 mm
MasterTrack® ST for showers is a high-tech sliding door system which stands out not only due to... more

MasterTrack® ST for showers is a high-tech sliding door system which stands out not only due to its minimalistic design and sophisticated technology but also convinces with its very easy installation: Thanks to a clamping mechanism, drill holes in the glass pane are no longer required, which makes the installation process even simpler. Special clamping inserts guarantee a safe and stable support of the glass. The technologically advanced carriages and patented all-metal dampers with high-quality hydraulics enable a unique running smoothness of the system. They form a balanced unit moving the sliding door softly and smoothly. The MasterTrack® ST shower door system is well suited for recess and corner applications, as well as for detached showers, and has a carrying capacity of up to 40 kg. The system is suitable both for small bathrooms in need of a space-saving shower installation and for spacious shower applications (up to 2 m). The system is equipped with a variable bottom guide and can either be mounted with a threshold or as a barrier-free installation. The bottom guide connection element can even be detached to allow for a barrier-free installation – thus conveying a classy look. The small gap (12 mm) between the fixed sidelight and the sliding door minimises water leakage while having a shower.

  • Glass thickness 8 mm
  • no glass processing required
  • Height adjustable ± 3 mm
  • Minimum door width for one-sided damping: 400 mm
  • Minimum door width for double-sided damping: 600 mm
  • Please order optional threshold separately: BO 5700052 / BO 5700053
  • for fixing the running track to a fixed sidelight (one-sided corner application) please order the glass mounting kit separately: BO 5700045 / BO 5700046
  • Please order optional damping mechanism separately:
  • Important: Connecting profiles for fixed glazing and sealing strips for doors not included in delivery

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Product highlights

  • Impressive running smoothness with a high-quality damping system
  • No glass processing, e.g. drill holes, required
  • Ideal force absorption and safe unhinging mechanism
  • Quick installation, system can be adjusted from the front
What is included in delivery?
Number Unit Description
2 x Running Track
2 x Cover
2 x Snapframe standard for fixed sidelight profile
4 x Carriages
4 x Stopper
2 x Wall Bracket
2 x Bottom Guide
2 x Clamp-on seal for fixed sidelight
1 x Corner Connector for running track
1 x Corner connector for optional threshold
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