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With the new Veribor® suction lifters made of aluminium, safety and comfort are our first priority

Suction lifters made of aluminium are sturdy and durable. Veribor® quality products have evolved to adapt to new application needs. Comfort, ergonomics, and design are the driving forces of the new 2- and 3-cup aluminium suction lifters making work even safer and more comfortable. 

The new layout with considerably wider distance between the suction heads underlines the sturdy construction of the Veribor® suction lifters. The minimalist lines represent a modern style. The visual appearance, however, is certainly not the only thing that counts. The name Veribor® has been synonymous with promise of quality for more than 70 years. 

At the forefront of safety 

Now, larger suction heads ideally distribute the pressure along the outer suction pad area, granting even higher safety for lifting operations. An optimised washer located underneath the levers offers additional stability while using the appliance. The lever with its wider diameter rests comfortably in the hand and offers a large grip area thanks to its raised position.  

In addition, all Veribor® components undergo our own, multi-stage quality checks. After manufacturethe aptly named tearing test is performed in which the suction lifters must withstand twice the maximum load. Only if this is the case, the Veribor® suction lifter obtains its tested Bohle approval. 

Operation made easy 

The lever at the third suction head which can be rotated by 90° is a special feature of the 3-cup suction lifter. It can be locked in three positions and in this way reduces the width of the suction lifter for space-restricted applications. In addition, the wide contact area of the levers enables an optimum distribution of force and makes engaging the lever as comfortable as can be – no matter whether this is done with the thumb or the palm of the hand.

Made in Germany 

It all starts with the in-house production of the rubber pads and ends with the hand assembly of the suction lifters. The production and the corresponding quality assurance take place at Bohle in Haan, located in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Even small individual parts, supplied by long-term partners, come from within a radius of 50 km. The result is a high quality Veribor® suction lifter that keeps its promises.  

Free from harmful ingredients 

When it comes to the selection of raw materials and gentle manufacturing processes, Bohle AG complies with highest quality standards. Veribor® suction lifters are free from carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH). As a matter of course, the aluminium used does not contain any lead alloys.  

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