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UV bonding – endless possibilities

Our data sheets give us a technical limit of performance but the applications of UV bonding as a process are almost limitless—it brings incredible opportunity to glass processors.

The raft of applications we see from furniture, showers and bathrooms, to shop displays, exhibition cases and architecture continues to grow, as UV bonding extends the reach of glass processing into multiple and high margin sectors.  

These markets are driven almost universally by aesthetics. Architects, designers and glass processors are driving forward multiple and new applications.

UV bonded shower returns, for example, are being specified in a growing number of installations as designers tap into end user demand for clean sightlines. The furniture sector is also seeing increasing demand, representing new and growing opportunities.

This has been driven in part by innovation in technologies. The performance levels achieved by UV Adhesives have eliminated any requirement for drill holes and cut outs on a wide range of applications, driving new efficiencies and lowering processing costs.

Pre-treatments, such as metal primers or Pyrosil, our low surface tension primer, mean that stable bonds can be achieved in humid environments, also opening up new opportunities. 

Bohle is at the forefront of UV bonding technologies and has developed a complete range of cleaning agents, pre-treatments and curing adhesives to UVA lamps, bonding tables, rigid fixing and clamping devices.

This includes a new generation of angle suction holders. The Verifix Pro Angle Suction Holder brings scientific precision to bonding gaps, optimising the thickness of the adhesive layer to within a tenth of a millimetre.

These technologies have been developed not just for our customers but in partnership with our customers. This is because we aren’t just a supplier of glass processing products—we manufacture them.

It gives us incredible flexibility to adapt to market demands, supporting our customers in accessing and winning business. Our product range is the net effect of a partnership which has existed for almost a century—and of course, also, exacting German-engineering!

Bohle continued to invest in its UV bonding adhesive offer throughout the economic downturn. It’s that innovation which has driven the technical performance of our offer. This includes a sheer strength load capacity of 25 newtons/mm2 for one of our popular adhesives, MV760- the forces our range of UV-cured adhesives can withstand are simply staggering.

This innovation has delivered new flexibility in other areas too. As highlighted, demand for UV bonded products is growing in retail but so are the design demands of cabinets and displays themselves.

Technically this creates challenges. Larger displays mean heavier glass, which can mean that adhesive escapes from the sides of the joint and can impact on structural integrity. We developed Spacer technology, available for all our medium viscosity adhesives, in partnership with our customers to address exactly this issue. 

The addition of transparent, 90 micron spacer granules ensures the optimum thickness of adhesive, helping to form an effective bond.  This is the case when it comes to thicker glass and larger bonds, as well as maintaining the correct, optimum bondline gap when fitting metal parts to glass with MV760.

As part of our commitment to driving innovation and supporting excellence in the glass processing industry we run UV Bonding training seminars every month.

These are open to anyone and cover sector opportunities and technical innovation as part of our commitment to our customers and to driving innovation and excellence in glass processing.


To book your place email or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.


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