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Hojas de sierra diamantadas

Número de producto: BO5301608


This diamond glass saw blade is perfect for sawing mirrors, glass and glass tiles. It is ideal for cutting to size; for example, for making cut-outs in glass. With this cut-off wheel, glass tiles/glass will not chip off due to the continuous ring.

BO 5301608 was developed for use on cordless saws. In the past, cordless tools had a low torque and therefore this saw blade was equipped with a softer bond to ensure that the blade saws effortlessly through the material even without major support from the saw itself.

For e.g. battery glass saw EY3550 DQG Panasonic

Consejos de aplicación:
Max. 3500 rpm Not suitable for curve cutting!

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Sus ventajas

  • Perfect for sawing mirrors, glass and glass tiles
  • Ideal for sawing
  • Continuous ring = no chipping glass tiles/pane glass

Ficha técnica

Contenido del envase
1 Pieza
110 mm
Diámetro perforación
20 mm
Grosor del material
1,2 mm
- 3500 Rpm
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