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Hojas de sierra diamantadas

Número de producto: BO5301606


The diamond saw blade BO 5301606 is used on high-speed machines for wet sawing of glass. Ideal when you need to plunge into the material, for sawing out inner radii, saw cuts near edges. Suitable for thicker glass.

BO 5301606 was developed for corded as well as battery-powered tools (such as the EY3550 DQG Panasonic cordless glass saw) that have a high torque. For this reason the bond is harder than BO 5301608.

Consejos de aplicación:
Max. 13000 rpm Not suitable for curve cutting!

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Sus ventajas

  • For machines with a high speed
  • For sawing out inner radii, and saw cuts near edges
  • Suitable for thicker glass

Ficha técnica

Contenido del envase
1 Pieza
110 mm
Diámetro perforación
20 mm
Grosor del material
1,2 mm
- 13000 Rpm
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