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Befestigungshilfe mit ø150 mm

Technical Data

Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Load capacity – kg
Torque 16 Nm
Material of Suction Lifter aluminium
Surface geometry curved
Suction pad ø 150 mm
Type of fastening ø 6,5 mm
GS certified no
  • This universally applicable Veribor® suction lifter is suited for a wide range of uses: Whether for fixing mounting aids and templates for attaching cameras to vehicles – there are no limits for the operator. The 150 mm rubber pad also enables fixing and fastening objects to strongly curved and slightly textured surfaces. Of course, it is also available with vacuum gauge as an option (BO 600.215V). If this type of rubber pad does not satisfy your requirements, please contact us. Your product range contains further products which can be equipped with this suction lifter.

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