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The traditional sliding door should really be renamed: floating door. For sliding entails an effort for opening and closing a door. This does not apply to MasterTrack FT.
Graffiti on your house wall? Deposits on machines? Stubborn dirt is hard to remove. Powerful yet gentle cleaning is a question of the right agent and its ingredients. The XtraClean cleaning paste from Bohle is based on a completely new cleaning formula: Using the finest microparticles, essential oils and surfactants, it achieves an especially thorough yet gentle cleaning effect. It protects the surface even in case of hard dirt deposits, such as paint residues or rust.
This year in January, the Bohle AG has already acquired Portals Hardware, a renowned American manufacturer and distributor of shower fittings and accessories. Now the next coup follows immediately: Bohle AG participates in a hardware manufacturer specialized in high-quality sliding door solutions in the field of interior design and bathrooms.
Bohle America, a leading manufacturer and supplier of tools, machines and accessories for glass processing and finishing is pleased to announce that the prominent shower & bath accessory manufacturer Portals Luxury Hardware has joined the Bohle group of companies. The Kansas City, MO based Portals, founded in 2001, has a popular and extensive line of products for the shower and bath space. The combination of these two companies will benefit customers with expanded product lines and increased investment in new products.