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Where can I access my orders?

You can access your orders by clicking on “Log in” and entering your e-mail address and password. When clicking on “My Account”, you can see your outstanding and completed orders under the main menu item “Orders”.

Is it possible to modify, change or cancel my orders later?

It depends on the processing status of your order whether it can still be modified, changed or cancelled. Please keep in mind that modifying or cancelling an order is not possible in the case of products which we order explicitly for you.
Please get in touch with our customer service and indicate your order number by e-mail: export@bohle.de 
or by telephone on +49 2129 5568 249 (Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 05:00 pm and Friday from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm). We will be happy to assist you.

Can several orders be combined?

Yes. As long as your order has not yet been transferred to our Logistics Centre, it can be combined with another order. Please note that for shipments via GLS, only collective invoices can be issued. Upon prior information, single invoices are possible for shipments by forwarding agency. Please send us an e-mail to export@bohle.de (please always indicate your order or customer number) or call us at +49 2129 5568-249 to communicate any desired changes by phone.  

Where can I find my confirmed orders or the shipment tracking?

You will find your confirmed orders in your customer account under the main menu item “Orders”. A new window opens and you can choose whether you would like to see the processing status of confirmed orders or look for already completed orders. For shipment tracking, please select the desired order and click on the “Track your package” button. 

What are the delivery and shipment costs?

The resulting shipping costs are based on the product with the largest type of packaging (packet/Euro pallet). If you need information about the exact costs in advance, please get in touch with our customer services team: export@bohle.de oder 02129 5568-249.

Can I agree a fixed delivery week?

Yes. Simply indicate the desired delivery week in the 2nd step of the ordering process.

Is it possible to receive a partial delivery in advance?

A partial delivery is only possible upon consultation with our customer consultants. Please note that partial deliveries involve additional shipping costs.
Please get in touch with our customer services team and indicate your order number by e-mail: export@bohle.de or by telephone on +49 2129 5568 249 (Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 05:00 pm and Friday from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm). We will be happy to assist you.

Can I collect my order from Bohle?

Yes. Goods can be picked up in our Showroom in Haan upon prior appointment. The opening times of our Showroom are as follows: Monday to Thursday from 08:00 am until 05:00 pm and Friday from 08:00 am until 03:00 pm. To avoid waiting times, please make a prior appointment calling +49 (0) 2129 5568 249 so that we can have your goods ready for collection.

Can I indicate a different delivery address?

Yes. Upon registration you can enter different addresses in the “Delivery address” menu in your account, from which you choose the desired address. Please note that changing your delivery address (e.g. in another country) may also change your shipping costs.

Can I change the delivery address after ordering?

It is not always possible to change the address at this stage. This depends on the processing stage of your order. Please get in touch with our customer services team and indicate your order number by e-mail: export@bohle.de or by telephone on +49 2129 5568 249 (Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 05:00 pm and Friday from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm). We will be happy to assist you.

How is a return consignment handled?

a. Please fill in the return receipt. In case of a transport damage or a quality defect, please also fill in the corresponding form. Please attach these documents to the goods and send them to: Bohle AG, Kundenservice, Siemensstraße 1, 42781 Haan, Germany
b. Please wrap the goods properly to avoid damage during transportation. Make sure that the goods to be returned are sent back in the original packaging including accessories. Do not attach the parcel label to the original packaging but please use additional outer packaging.
c. A return is usually processed within 1-2 working days upon receipt. In case of a quality defect, the corresponding inspection can take 2-4 weeks. If you urgently need a replacement, please contact our sales department.

Who bears the costs of the return consignment?

a. In case of a wrong delivery or a quality defect, Bohle AG will, of course, bear the return costs.
1. For this purpose, please contact our Return Service.
2. By phone: +49 2129 5568-549 or by e-mail to: kundenservice@bohle.de
3. We will then collect the goods from you or send a return label.
b. If the responsibility for the error lies with the customer, you are kindly requested to return the goods at your own expense. If the return consignment is not justified (e.g. application error, no defect detectable, etc.), we reserve the right to charge a handling fee in line with our General Terms and Conditions.

How is transport damage handled?

a. The transfer of risk usually takes place (unless otherwise agreed) once the goods are handed over to the forwarder. We will gladly process the transport damage for you. However, we explicitly point out the transfer of risk as indicated above. We expressly need the completed damage form in order to be able to assert claims for damages against the forwarder and/or its insurance.
b. Apparent transport damage
1. The damage (e.g. packaging is torn or crushed) must be noted down on the supplier´s delivery documents and subsequently confirmed by signature of the driver in charge. If the driver refuses to sign, please note down the following: “The driver has denied signature.” If the signature is rendered on a display device, sign in slightly smaller letters and write “DEFECT” as clearly as possible next to your signature. The driver should also mark the consignment as defect in his system. You can also use the damage forms of your company for this purpose.
2. If a driver does not allow you to accept the delivery with a damage note (he either insists on a signature without note or no acceptance), please refuse acceptance and inform us immediately. In case of doubt, the following applies: It is better to refuse the acceptance of a damaged delivery than having to assume the responsibility for the damage, and notify us accordingly.
c. Concealed transport damage
If the damage is not visible from outside (the package or pallet is undamaged outside, however, the goods show damages after opening the package), contrary to an apparent transport damage, the goods are deemed accepted “against clean receipt”. No damage note has been made to the forwarder/parcel service. A complete documentation (photos of the outside and inside packaging, photos of the damaged area, description of the damage, etc.) is therefore indispensable. In addition, concealed damaged must be reported to us within 7 days at most. After that period, the forwarders, parcel services and insurances assume that the goods have been delivered to you in undamaged state; claims for damages can no longer be asserted at this point.

How can I obtain a credit note or a replacement delivery?

a. A replacement delivery is organised immediately upon processing the return. Of course, minimum quantity surcharges and shipping charges are omitted in this case. If you urgently need a replacement, our sales department will be happy to arrange the shipment against invoice. You will receive a corresponding credit note upon completion of the return.
b. If you need a credit note or if a credit note is issued due to the required replacement delivery, we will send it to you immediately upon completion of the return and credit it to your account.

Where do I find the safety data sheets?

You will find our safety data sheets here.

Do the prices displayed already include delivery and shipping costs?

In general, all deliveries are carried out ex works excluding packaging. Please keep in mind the minimum order value of 500 EUR, as well as a minimum quantity surcharge of 100 EUR for order values between 500 and 1000 EUR.

Do you provide customised quotes?

Yes. Please get in touch with our customer service by e-mail: export@bohle.de or by telephone on +49 2129 5568 249 (Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am until 05:00 pm and Friday from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm). We will be happy to assist you.

Are product images and colour samples in the Online Shop binding?

No. As the colour display varies from screen to screen, product images, drawings or illustrations cannot be binding. The online indications about the product details and, finally, the information on the order confirmation, are decisive for the product characteristics.

If you have further questions which these FAQs have not answered, please send us an e-mail to:export@bohle.de

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