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The innovative shower door hinge

Sophisticated technology meets first-class design

Developed and designed by Bohle, the Juna shower door hinge combines aesthetics and functionality with quality and “Made in Germany” workmanship. Minimum gap dimensions and concealed screws emphasize the supreme quality of this swinging door hinge. In addition, the material Juna is made of also reveals the high quality of the system.

The high quality components made of brass and stainless steel in the inside of the hinge guarantee a long service life of the product. In addition, comprehensive tests with 100.000 test cycles as per DIN EN 14428 prove the carrying capacity of the hinges of up to 50 kg. Juna, however, is not only an eye-catcher in the visual sense. It also facilitates installation in many respects.

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Supreme design

The high-quality appearance of the shower door hinge immediately catches attention. Minimum gap dimensions, no visible screws, even as far as the zero position adjustment is concerned, and a practically continuous sealing strip emphasize its classy look. Another comfortable feature is the above-average return angle of approx. 20° which closes the glass door automatically.

Bright chrome-plated

Effet inox


Minimum gap dimensions


No visible screws


Return angle of approx. 20°


Developed by Bohle


Perfect zero position

Thanks to the innovative clamping technology, no disturbing notches are produced on the hinge axis – for a precise adjustment of the zero position down to the millimetre. The clamping screws and the zero position fixing screw have uniform screw heads which can be conveniently tightened with just one tool. The centred mounting plate enables the optimum positioning of the cover cap. A stable plug connection guarantees its firm and precise fit.

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5 years guarantee
Successfully tested with 100,000 door cycles

Efficient mounting with only one tool

The clamping screws and the zero position fixing screw have uniform TX30 screw heads which can be conveniently tightened using only one tool. The troublesome exchange of screwing tools while working is therefore a thing of the past. In addition, the elongated holes for the wall connection provide increased comfort when adjusting the hinge. Two-part clamping plates also enable deeper threaded holes in the fitting and thus ensure a safe grip. At the same time, the hinge is protected against deformations on the outside.

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Uniform screw heads


TX30 screw heads


Two-part clamping plate


Hinge is protected against deformations


Precise fit of cover caps

The high quality design of Juna stands out thanks to its minimum gap dimensions. One of the prerequisites is the precise fit of the cover caps. For this purpose, Bohle has developed an innovative 4-point fixing mechanism which fixes the caps exactly in place. This is made possible by four small centring pins and the tailor-made seating in the hinge. In addition, water resistant rubber rings provide additional hold. In this way, the cover caps are maintained in their exact position for years, without slipping.

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Developed by Bohle

The spirit of development is in Bohle’s DNA. Whether it’s cutting wheels, glass railings or shower door hinges, in-house engineering sets high standards: Things that are already good we want to make better! This is how the innovation for Juna came into being. In addition to development, assembly and quality testing also take place under Bohle’s roof.

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