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Dynamic and Transformational

The company turned to Bohle for its Alva self-closing hydraulic patch fitting, and partition channels to help complete the project, which included Go Glass’s now trademark edge-lit glass panels.

In a letter to the team at Go Glass, the customer said: “I sincerely appreciate your exceptional work on our new edge-lit, colour-changing, etched glass doors with a geometric design. Your team's unique glass design skills and remarkable ability to interpret our ideas have truly transformed our space. Your attention to detail and dedication to realising our vision were evident from the outset. The intricate geometric design etched into the glass is a testament to your artistic talent and reflects a deep understanding of our aesthetic preferences. The way the light plays through the etched patterns and changing colours brings a dynamic and mesmerising quality to our environment that is nothing short of magical.”

Bohle’s Alva self-closing hydraulic patch fitting offers a sleek and stylish solution for the controlled operation of glass doors. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, a stand-out feature of Alva is that all the technology required for operation is packaged in one slimline unit. Unlike some competitor systems, this means it can be fitted directly onto the floor, instead of creating a recess to house an underfloor box, which presents further time savings for installers.

Manufactured to DIN EN 1154 European quality standards, which includes 500,000 test cycles, Alva is the first self-closing corner fitting on the market to feature an integrated ‘back check’ adjustable damper. This protects against any sudden and excessive force against the door, for example a gust of wind, by gently and safely absorbing its momentum.

Owner and Managing Director of Go Glass Tracy Saunders said: “We want to push the limits of what you can do with glass. As a result, we never get bored of developing new products and thinking of new ways of incorporating glass into modern designs. We are even moving into the B2B space, so that we can share all the skills and knowledge that we’ve acquired over the years to other glass professionals.”

Thanks to a successful online presence, Go Glass now serves the whole of the UK and into Europe.

For more about Bohle’s product and service offer, including the latest Home Improvements brochure, visit,  email or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information.

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