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Heading for the future - Our commitment to the SOS Children's Village Ennerdale

When it comes to social responsibility, we don't turn a blind eye - we open up new perspectives. This year, we are once again supporting the SOS Children's Village in Ennerdale, South Africa, and are campaigning for the future of children and young people. With all our heart and soul. By paying school fees. And with vocational orientation courses such as the Bohle Training Day.

This much we know: Real opportunities are not created through one-off help, but through continuity. For this reason, we are actively supporting the SOS Children's Village in Ennerdale for the fifth year in a row.

The SOS Children's Village Ennerdale

In 10 homes, the organisation provides a loving home for over 80 vulnerable children and young people and helps 178 families from the region through its support services. The aim of the facility is to create a safe and caring environment for children and young people, to strengthen families and to open up sustainable prospects for a self-determined and independent life through a wide range of counselling and educational services. And so that the children can set sail for a sustainable future, Bohle also provides plenty of tailwind.

Our contribution

As part of our commitment, we provide financial support, which is used to pay school fees and fulfil infrastructure projects. To promote the practical skills of children and young people, we also offer practical workshops directly on site, courses such as the Bohle Training Day, which we organised at the SOS Children's Village Ennerdale in summer 2023.

The Bohle Training Day

As part of the multifaceted training programme, 23 young people gained insights into working with glass. What makes the material special? What processing options are there? And how are certain specific tools used? These and many other questions were answered in joint practical exercises. As a result, the young people gained valuable skills - and together with Bohle, set their course for the future.

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